The way that we met, is actually really funny. Are you familiar with the (kind of) new app called Clubhouse? On this social media platform, we heard each other speak and immediately after, Rachel contacted Lisa on Instagram. A couple of days later, we had our first online meeting and it just clicked. We started talking about setting up a fashion film company and three months later, LI&LOU was born. 

This all sounds very cute, which it is, but setting up a company is – of course – a lot of work. And all the while having so many challenges, we also had the challenge of living in different countries. Oh, and don’t forget about the whole COVID-19 situation of course. While dealing with these challenges, we divided taks, made to-do lists and scheduled many online meetings. We now have two online meetings per week and also texted a lot.

Within one month, we had made our logo, set up the website & Instagram page and created content for social media. We started contacting brands and designers after three months and are now busy with the marketing of our company.

You can check our short introduction video, about how we met, underneath this text. Have fun watching & if you would like to contact us, do not hesitate. We do not bite. Or do we? 

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